aarhus calling

Musik, Lyd & Poesi

Aarhus Calling is the biggest international songwriting camp in Denmark - Launched in 2015 during SPOT Festival in Aarhus and took place for the second time in April 2016.
Aarhus Calling focus on exporting songs worldwide and break down international music barriers. This project is a gateway for established international and national writers and producers from all over the world as well as upcoming writers and produceres from Denmark to work with songwriting on a high level. Furthermore it's an opportunity to network and export songs to the European, Asian and American market.

Aarhus Calling invite million selling writers, A&R’s and publishers from all over the world for a unique co-writing workshop. For one week, some of the most talented Danish and international writers and producers will write songs to be presented to worldwide #1 artists. We have top level writers from Europe, Asia and America, and Universal, Sony and Warner will be providing leads through the international publishers attending the event.
Aarhus Calling want to emphasize the songwriting industry as well as give the upcoming writers the network and opportunity they need to take their songwriting career to the next level. Upcoming writers and producers can apply to attend the camp and be a part of the biggest songwriting event in Denmark ever.
Aarhus Calling is hosted by the Danish music entrepreneurs & production company Brand New Records in collaboration with DPA (Danish Songwriters Guild) and SPOT Festival

Læs mere på: www.aarhuscalling.com