Film, Animation & Crossmedia
Dato: 26 September - 2 Oktober 2016
Sted: Viborg Animation Festival, Kasernevej 5, 8800 Viborg

MuX is an immersive world of music and art for you to create, explore and share. It is a Virtual Reality experience that invites you to build your own 3D soundscape and generate a dynamic garden planted by you. It can be adapted for any aesthetic, from Baroque to Pop, Medieval to Modern.

Enter MuX: in front of you are sound carriers, each one a sphere containing a loop of music specially composed in the same key and rhythm to synchronise in any combination.  While you are immersed in the Virtual Reality, you friends can pick up tablets with simple touch controls to influence your experience. They can alter the music or add new organic elements or interactive objects for you to explore. You and your friends can capture your experience as video, images or sound files, immediately sharable through linked social media accounts. 

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